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Brief introduction to Kollegal town   

  • Kollegal town upgrade from Town Municipal Council to City Municipal council on 18/12/2006
  • Kollegal town belongs to Chamarajanagar district and is 36 km away form district head quarters. 
  • Kollegal town Area is 27.7 Sq. Km
  • As per 2011 Census Kollegal town population is 57,149
  • Kollegal is the largest taluk in Chamarajanagar district.
  • Kollegal city is famous for production of raw silk. Kollegal city is also called as SILK CITY.
  • Kaveri river is flowing In Shivanasamudra of Kollegal Taluk.
  • Sri Malai Mahadeshwara hill is 80 km away from the Kollegal city and lakhs of people visit Sri Malai Mahadeshwara hill every year.

Computerize Details:-

Urban Local Body Websites: Kollegal CMC website is   www.kollegalacity.gov.in. public can get desired information in the website.

Birth & Death Computerization: In Kollegal CMC Birth & Death records available in online from 1990. Publics can see the birth & death events through online. Click here for  Birth & Death Fees details

Public Grievance Redressal cell : Started in CMC Kollegal from 05-03-2009. Help Line No - 08224-252626

Aims of Urban Local Bodies:-

              1).Creation of Town & Urban development projects.

2)     2). Regulate the use of Land.

3)    3).Creation of  Economic ad Social development plans.

4)     4). To build the roads and bridges.

5)     5). Supply of  water for Residential Use , For industrial  & Commercial Purposes.

6)     6). To Protect the People’s Health & Higiene.

7)     7). To take the Action of Weaker Sections of the society.

8)     8). Collection & Disposal of Waster Materials.

9)     9). The Development of Slum Areas and Urban Poverty.

10)10). Providing Infrastructure of Bus Stand, Street Lights & Public Toilets.

11)11). To provide the Cemetory & Cemetery Land And to Provide the Infrastructure of Electrical Funeral.

12)12). Registration & Issue of Birth & Death Certificates Including Proving the Statistics of Birth & Death.

13)13). Regulation of Slaughter House.

14)14). The Govt. Has Give the Power of  To Lavy the Taxes & To Collect the Taxes to ULB.

15)15). Monitoring  & Recovery of Property tax, Advertisement Tax, Trade License & Other Fees.

16)16). Maintenance of Street lights & Road Repairs.

17). Control  of  Dangerous  diseases.

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